5 Security Ways to Prevent Shoplifting


Have you ever experienced losses in your shop or any related business due to shoplifting? Well, it is quite a miserable situation to be in. It is pretty obvious that many shoplifters tend to steal from big retail shops or in many cases they even target small shops.



There are very many measures to prevent all sought of shoplifting. Take a look some of the guidelines to avert any stealing:


  •  If you have any retail or wholesale shop, it is important to put into consideration the security systems. By this I mean, you should employ some security guards to watch over any customer that may seem to be a bit nervous and behaves suspiciously. If such a person comes in, the patrol officer are supposed to courageously request the shopper if they require any help, this will be the right way to put off a shoplifter for safety purposes.
  • Security guards should be at both entrance and exit and a thorough check up should be done for every person who enters for shopping.
  • It is also recommendable to install security cameras in your shop. This will greatly discourage any robber and in case there is any theft, the cameras are used in identifying thieves. It is prudent to install cameras at the entrance and exit doors and more importantly connect the cameras throughout the store.
  • It is also crucial to install convex mirrors at every corner to enable nice observation.


Having all the security measures at hand is not enough, another important thing to note is to keep the expensive products locked in a private room or locked in cases. This will highly prevent robbers from stealing. It also safe to keep your store in a neat and tidy so that one can easily spot any misplaced merchandise.


It is essential to post signs showing that your store is restricted any shoplifters. These signs shows a big warning which prevent any thieve. It is important to also fix these signs at the restricted rooms where expensive products are kept.


Keeping your store with very many lights all round is very appealing and thus creating a good visibility. Having enough light will enable devices such as cameras to be visible hence discouraging any suspect who may walk in the store with any bad intention.


Positioning employees into different corners of your store is very important. The staff workers should be enough in that there will be some shifts when other go for lunch break or leave. These employees should be very keen to eye contact customers who enters into the store. They will be at a point of suspecting any worried customers. Employees should also be aware when restocking because robbers might come in and they are supposed to check the store.
It is clear with the aforementioned instructions that you can simply avoid shoplifters. It is worth noting that if you notice a customer stealing, you should call security officer.



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