3 Tips to Speak Nicely About Other People


Speaking nicely about other people is very important for peaceful coexistence in our society. Here are the top 3 ways to speak nicely about other people.

  1. Avoid Using Degrading Words

The use of undignified words when speaking about other people is completely unacceptable. Words that are intended to demean the status of someone in the society are not good for the overall growth and development of your personality. For example, instead of calling your friend a dog since he has huge ears, just be cool and use another nice-looking animal such as a rabbit or teddy bear to drive home your point. Inappropriate words that are associated with racism, feminism, ethnicity and other forms of discrimination should be avoided too.

  1. Be the Bearer of Good News

Avoid gossips, rumors, destructive language and backstabbing conversations. Speaking nicely is all about being modest with your words. Think before you start rumor mongering lies about others. Know that people will judge you in accordance to what you say. If possible, find positive ways of talking about what other people did or said. Spreading good news about other people will make your list of friends grow rapidly and always have someone to turn to during tough times.

  1. Do not sound Aggressive while Speaking

Remember to be polite always when talking about others. Any signs of aggressiveness will make you look bad in the eyes of those listening to you. Even if you do not like the person you are speaking about, try to hide your emotions by using nice words. You can crack a joke or use sarcastic words to hide your inner feelings about the person in discussion.

Lastly, remember that when you talk ill about your friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers and other important people in your life, the chances of living a miserable lifestyle are amplified.



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