How Movie Stars Do Their Own Stunt Driving


Yes some actors do. However, many of them choose for a stunt double to take on their action sequences. To the few celebs who opt to skip the double and do it themselves, they do so because they belief it is more authentic to perform this way and makes the scenes more believable.

Watching the action on the screen, one often wonders how they perform such stunts and dodge death at every turn. Movie stars survive unbelievable dangers, for example  death-defying leaps from action scene all around and leaps from trains, frantic fistfights and exciting car chases and many more.

So how did they film stunts? While filmmakers sometimes filmed actual reality, like two people talking to each other, they at other times created scenes that were actually illusions referred to as stunts. Though the action from such scenes looks real in the big screen, it is far from it.

With time, stunts became much different from simple stunts in the earliest days of movies stunts. Movies become more complex and sophisticated, so more complicated stunts were involved.

These scenes often required real people to be involved. However, movie stars of the day were too vulnerable to risk their health if not their lives. Therefore, filmmakers had to find real actors who could perform stunts on behalf of the main actors. These actors are known as stuntmen and they make less money compared to the movie stars. Nevertheless, they’re not safe because they are sometimes injured on the job, but they love what they do because of the excitement they get when they perform. Additionally, the fun and pleasure they get to be involved in making movies.

A present day movie superhero can do his or her own stunts. They even can do their own minor stunts, but the fact remains that more dangerous, complicated, stunts be left for the stuntmen to handle. Movie stars have to be kept safe from such stunts in order to prevent delay in movie production when they get hurt.



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