Story Behind Buzzed Shared Photo’s In Social Media


Recently we see photo’s of a guy with a lot of girls and young women in social networks like Facebook or telegram app or other local social media.

story start after people shared all his photo’s and then he published a video and asked people to stop sharing his private photos and he said in this video he get in big trouble in his family and his life turned over after his phone stolen and his private photo published in social media .

Police arrested him because of released photos of young women and broadcast private material via telegram and breaking private privacy of other peoples . Mizan news agency related to the judiciary said , arresting of this person was with local judicial arrest order .

according to fars news agency , colonel Mohammad Mehdi Kakoan Tehran cyber crime police chief said his name is Vahid and we investigate and find out all he said in released video is lying and now we have some family how complained about these picture and published photo in social media like telegram or Facebook by him and other users.

couple days ago he released this video and he said he has not published  any of those photos to any kind of social media , he lost his cell phone and someone else did this thing , he saying all pictures is private photo’s of my family , my sister , my sister-in-law and close friends . He said cyber crime knows everything and they gonna arrest people or person how released these private photo from my cell phone .

Tehran cyber crime chief responded back and said, After multiple complaints registered to cyber crime police by  Girls in photo’s , this young man who was fugitive for several days and finally arrested. It became clear in our investigation there’s no connection with any theft of his cell phone and he just lying in this video clip to public, his mobile phone theft has not been registered in any regulatory authority and local judicial or police department.According to investigations and information obtained he is real estate agent in north of Tehran and he has luxury and expensive house keys and he abused of these facilities without owners permission !

Using social media like Facebook or viber or telegram application in Iran make buzz news every other weeks and we see in news about fraud or cheating or cyber crimes , in recent weeks ministry of communication asked telegram messenger software  company to filtered some channel how crossing red line. please comment us you opinion about this story !



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