How to Merge your Dubsmash App videos


Is your machine full of dubsmerge videos? Do you want to turn them into something funny or mix them into something that you could share with friends? If yes, join dubsmash app is just good for you.

Within very short period of time dubsmash has become very popular making lot and lots of people to post their videos online. One thing that makes it great is that it very easy to make and share. But how can you do this? Here are the steps.

  1. Think of theme

Think of the theme then make the videos and merge them according to the theme. You can either use a theme based on words or try music genres. When compiling, you can easily arrange and rearrange them while watching the video. Since this works within a short time, it is not time consuming

  1. Give the compilation a title

After this, ensure that you give it a title. Try to figure out something original using this app, so that people can be interested in watching the entire thing. More so, you can also add extra texts to your compilation to enhance the theme or to comment on your work.

  1. Try something different

You can actually try a different thing such as dressing yourself in different clothes. For instance, change only one small thing in your clothes in any subsequent video. Dubsmash with friends, dress the room you are in and use puppets to play back. The main idea here is to be as a creative as possible.

  1. Share your compilation

Don’t forget to share your dubsmash videos online using the social media platforms. You can join platforms such as Facebook, Twitter among more. While doing this, you should have a lot of fun. Luckily, if the first video has been messed up all the other videos will just be fine.


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