Watch Hilarious TV Sport Reporter Bloopers


Perhaps Javad Khiabani is one of the most emotional football reporters. But the turning point in his life with no doubt was a very exciting soccer match between “Iran and Australia” in the World Cup 1998 tournament .

He’s well known sport reporter and mistakes he makes when reporting soccer games ! Javad Khiabani Born in Karaj and moved to Tehran when he was six years old , couple years later my father got a corporate house from ministry of agriculture in city of karaj and then we moved back again .

He talked about his teaching experience , He got his diploma in year of 1363 from Beheshti high school and I went to University of Lavizan in Tehran , after I graduated from university , I started teaching in bandar abbas and tohid hospital in Tehran for thirteen years . He said that time channel three was just established , I was in my father’s house and watching a TV show called “What You wish” and on that TV show they asked for TV sport reporter , Then a day after I watched that show I wrote a letter to them and given all my details , couple days later i got a call from director of TV show and they asked me for test and fortunately I passed they test and I start officially my new job as TV sport host and reporter .

Javad khiabaini said , twenty years ago when I got my first pay check I gave it my mother , I remember it was about 3500 tomans and that time I was a teacher same time and my monthly pay check for my other job was about five thousand tomans , I was a new generation of sport reporter with new idea but still I’m learning from others and I believe to team work for improvement. He said When I’m teaching I ask of my student’s don’t call me master , I’m only a simple teacher , Soccer and movies is my first priorities in my life and I spend a lot of time every week to watching soccer games and movies .

We asked him about the jokes people made for him and he said : maybe sometimes people need to a subject to have fun and it’s fine if they laugh at me , I’m happy if they be happy !



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