5 Tips For Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion


A Red Carpet night is the moment in which every celebrity shows their style to the world. Celebrities’ fashion secrets usually comprehend a long series of costly treatments.

What matters, on the contrary, is knowing how to choose your dresses, how to complete your style, how to perfectly master the Red Carpet.
Here we display some of those secrets.

Aging dresses

Choosing a dress that is considered appropriate for your age, is not always the best idea. If you truly want to look stunning, and stylish, you should go vice-versa: pick a more “girly” dress, if you are mature. A young woman may look childish and, somehow, puffier, in a girl’s dress. Whereas a mature woman whose arms and neck we can see, is able to fully express her beauty. The same way, a young woman can easily wear something more classic, and look extremely sexy and self-confident.

Know your colors

The type of dress is important, but you need to choose the appropriate colors. A good tip is to always try and give value to what you have: Emma Stone and her marvelous hair have an easy task to accomplish, because colors will naturally enhance her beauty. Still, it is not necessary to be red-haired, in order to use colors. Pay attention to the color of your eyes, hair and skin, avoid grey and black (they may give you an older look), and be confident enough to choose something new. Do metallic colors suit you? Then use them. You’ll look gorgeous.

High Heels

This is not necessarily a big secret, yet it is worth mentioning, because it always works. The higher the heel, the handsomest the silhouette. Just take a few days to get comfortable with them, and maybe take some extra shoes with you.

Jewels and dresses sometimes don’t make a good couple

Another extremely important secret, one that only the high fashion experts tend to consider, is to never mix an elaborate dress with really elaborate jewels. The result would be to nullify the effect of both. So, pay attention to choose amazingly decorated earrings only if your dress is simple and elegant.

Your skin is part of the outfit

To maximize their look, celebrities have, as said, many ways: a team of people is usually in charge of their body and hair, and they start to prepare them at least three weeks in advance. What matters, though, is: why do they do it? The answer is obvious: having a perfectly rested skin will help accentuate the color of your dress, your make-up, everything. To prepare for a big night, start in advance: peelings and scrubbing treatments for a few days, then let the skin rest for a while. You are going to be perfectly ready to shine in your perfectly selected outfit.


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