3 Tips To Be Funny And Make People Laugh


Laughter is the best medicine. One of the best ways to become a popular guy is to make others laugh. When we laugh, good chemicals called endorphin get released in our body, which relaxes the brain.



So who doesn’t want to be the funny guy? When we try to be funny, sometimes we put our foot in our mouth. Other times we may end up hurting someone’s sensibilities. So there is a special way to put a smile on their face, which we must master.

To be funny and make people laugh, you must be confident in yourself and have faith in your jokes. Develop a style of your own, unique to you. So people will recognize you as a brand of humor. Being funny is the opposite of being silly. Funny people are in fact very intelligent, as they can think about ordinary things in a different way. So how to get your jokes right?

Being funny is serious business. Tie up your funny shoes, master these three tips to make people laugh and joke your way to popularity and success.


You are not performing an art here! It is not like a film or a circus, you might think. Well, the answer is yes. You are performing, when you tell your jokes to a bunch of people. When you joke, you make people laugh and give them a different view.

There are so many ways to be funny: dead pan, knock-knock, cynical, one-liners, etc..But telling the right kind of jokes to the right audience is the first step to joker super stardom.

So know about your listeners, their likes, their prejudices. Else you might unleash your jokes on a descent guy and unwittingly invite him to crack your head wide open. That is one reason, why you must research your audience.

The best way to strike a chord with your listeners is to empathize with them. Then they will see you as one among them and your hilarious yarns will evoke more laughter.


So one night, a red hot chick came with an ostrich to the pub, where you were just sitting. She asked for a vodka with lime. She drank the vodka but only after giving it first to the ostrich. She continued to come every night and followed the same routine. You couldn’t control your curiosity. So you bought her a vodka and asked her why the ostrich should drink first. She said um  Yep, that’s right. You forgot her answer. Get ready for the bricks.

Know your jokes inside out, front and back, center and well, you get the idea. Knowing the story right means not only the general idea, but the exact words too. Keep practicing, in front of the mirror, to your dog, your kids, whoever is available. So that when your audience waits for your punch line, you avoid getting punched.


Timing is essential to any joke. Too fast, and your audience is left wondering and too slow, you are left wondering where the audience is. Timing. This is what separates the masters from the wannabes. Telling the right joke to the right audience with exact timing will make you a star. Hitting the clock right is instinctive and you can better it with practice.

So get a gang of honest friends to critique your timing, your delivery style, so that you will get to know where your mistakes lie. Follow these tips to make people laugh, and make yourself and them happy.



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