3 Tips To Sing Like Your Favorite Singer


It is said that music is an international language without any language barriers. You can make a career out of singing. People sing for entertainment, for praise and worship, for leisure, and to work faster.

You can be a professional singer but how do you become great and ensure that your music can create an audience and impact people’s lives? This article will offer you some great tips to becoming a professional singer like your favorite artist.
1. Create an excellent postural alignment
Breathing in and out is an efficient technique to ensure the vocal health and improve pitch. While breathing in your abdominal muscles keeps your chest lifted and during exhalation, as your abdominal muscles contract. Keeping your head up and ensuring that your neck is loose will help in proper projection of your voice. Tension should not be so obviously read on your face. Your eyes should be bright. You are expected to relax while you sing. Do not tighten, choke or squeeze your throat as you sing.
2. Practice
You have heard the adage ‘practice practice makes perfect’. You need to practice at least five times a week because becoming fluent in singing depends on the time you spend while practicing to sing. There are also some tips that professional trainers will advise you on such as the type of diet you should take when practicing or when singing. It is advisable not to eat too much before you start singing so that you do not interfere with your inhalation. Ensure that you are hydrated at all occasions by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. You are also advised to avoid taking stimulants and beverages.
3. Find an Expert Vocal Trainer
A vocal trainer will start you off with a warm up. Warm-ups consist of different musical patterns and different volume levels. Take time as you practice with your vocal trainer. Practicing for over a period of two years will help you with your tune up and picking up sound vibrations. You will realize that you no longer have problems with matching pitch, tuning the throat and mouth so as to sing different vowels and volume levels.
However, you can train your voice without professional training if you can’t get a professional vocal trainer.
To sing, many artists begin by finding their vocal range. A piano is a great head start where you match the keys with your voice. Begin by singing a low key then go lower. Repeat the process with a high key then go higher. Practice hitting notes until you feel confident enough then start singing songs that are within your vocal range. With adequate practice, you will be in a good position to find your style as you walk your way to singing like your favorite artist!


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