3 Tips to Stay Healthy After Age 50


Celebrating your fiftieth birthday is not only a major milestone in your life, it is a great achievement to also those who are around you. These could be your kids who look up to you and possibly your siblings or parents. At age fifty, you start thinking differently.

Not only does your taste in different things change but a lot is already going on in your body. This could range from slow metabolism to low energy levels to high risk of diseases and other health conditions. This is the time where taking care of yourself is more inevitable than anything else.

Its surprising that many people at this age worry about other things instead of focusing on keeping themselves healthy. It doesn’t matter whether your dreams of owning this or that haven’t succeeded yet, but stressing yourself at this point on material things could have a negative impact on your health. This is the time to stop worrying about your failures and work on keeping yourself alive. Being healthy will make you see more days and hence increasing your chances of achieving what you don’t have. Its never too late. To help you get there I will be focusing on three most important tips that will help you stay healthy at age 50 and beyond.

Living a healthy lifestyle should be your first priority at this point. Living a healthy lifestyle means a whole lot of things. This could mean watching what you put in your mouth, and how you generally live your life; are you a drinker or smoker? Lots of diseases today are as a result of poor eating habits. Eat foods that will help you lower your cholesterol levels and importantly work on reducing your sodium intake which increases your chances of getting high blood pressure and other diseases like type 2 diabetes. Try to concentrate on heart healthy foods, nutrient rich foods and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Other important aspects to consider to keep yourself healthy is to quit habits such as smoking and drinking. Smoking not only derails the chances of you being healthy, it increases the risk of you getting heart diseases and conditions such as stroke, heart attacks and increases your likelihood of getting cancer. If you want to be around and watch your grandchildren grow, its time to put that cigarette down.

As we grow older, we have a lot of things in our mind to think about and for most old people the gym is always the last place we think about. But keeping our bodies active is as important as eating healthy. Exercise is not only beneficial to our hearts it helps with our moods by lowering our stress levels. Get moving, if you hate going for walks alone, I suggest you get into a club with older people like you which can be motivating and can help you break a sweat at least twice or thrice a week. Just get your heart pumping. Low impact exercises like yoga, swimming, walking can all be beneficial.

This is not a myth. Going for regular screening and check ups will help the doctors catch life threatening conditions earlier before they become a threat in your life. This will help you start treatment early in turn keeping you healthy and stress free about your health.

In conclusion, we can be healthy at any age. It all starts in our minds. Being positive, surrounding ourselves with like minded people will help us achieve our dreams of being fit and healthy at any age.


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