Top 5 Beautiful Tourist Attractions In Iran


Iran has a rich, amazing and well-worn tourist attraction sites encompassing modern and ancient cities like Yadz, Isfatah and Shiraz. The country has tremendous wealth and stunning beauty with historical importance.


From its ancient cities, fascinating mosques to its magnificent natural landscapes, Iran prides itself with some of the most beautiful though untouched tourist attraction sites. There is tremendous surge in inbound tourism and Iran is increasingly becoming a tourist destination hotspot. Some of most famous destinations include:



Persepolis is among the world most amazing archaeological site. It contains meticulously preserved ruins of ceremonial capital of the historic Persian Empire. Popularly known as the Parsa by the Persians, the site served as the capital for the Iran’s Achaemenian rulers for more than two hundred years from the era of Darius the Great to the time of its destruction in 330 B.C by Alexander the Great. The representatives of each of the Persian empire used to meet here to bring tribute and pay homage to the king of kings. The remains consist of enormous stones with elaborate bases. Everyone who visits Persepolis pauses at the marvelous stone doors, window jabs, staircases and facades with awe. Any tourist who desires to see Iran in their eyes rather than through the images painted the media , visiting Persepolis will be a lifetime experience.

Isfahan’s Famous Bridges

Isfahan prides in some of the most attractive bridges in the world. The bridges are magnets for both tourists and the locals. The most ancient bridges include Khajou, Shahrestan and the Sio-se Pol. These bridges span the river Zayandeh which separates the suburbs of New Julfa and Isfahan. A walk in a sunny afternoon along the Zayandeh River, crossing these bridges will certainly be a memorable travel experience in Iran.

Imam Square, Isfahan

Isfahan has some of the most beautiful Islamic monuments in the world. The city’s monument sprang to glory in the 17th century when the city was made the capital of the Safavid empire. Here you will see some of the most impressive and stunning Islamic architecture. The Imam square contains the most exquisite Shah Mosque and is the glory of the city. The beautifully colored tiles of the Ali Qapu Palace are one of kind in the Middle East.

National museums, Tehran

Visiting the Iranian capital affords one a rare opportunity to explore the country’s most excellent museums. For instance the superb Archaeological museum is rich and has tremendous pre-historic artifacts and Islamic sections. Other museums include the Abguineh Glass Museum, Rezza Abbasi, Calligraphy and the Carpet museums. The State Jewels of Iran is the house of one of the most fascinating treasures collections of the world. Without any doubt , these museums’ grandeur and excesses will be a highlight of your trip

Old City, Yazd

This city is an isolated oasis sandwiched between two deserts. The town is an embodiment of the best Iranian mud brick traditional architecture. Yadz is a key commercial center and home to the prominent Zoroastrian community. The legacy of the city is striking and unforgettable . Its distinctive badgers, Wind Towers and the “Towers of Silence” dominate the skyline. These are epitome of the uniqueness and richness of the Islamic Architecture.




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