Side Effects Of Green Tea You Should Be Aware Of


Green tea is extracted from the Camellia plant. The Camellia plant is used for making different types of teas like Black tea, Oolong tea , Green tea is extracted by steaming ad panning method. While others are fermented or partially fermented.

Green tea is used for the purpose of losing weight and to cure stomach diseases as well. Most people get happy when they come to know that it is used to lose weight. But they never think that what’s the thing which causes weight loss. We all should be aware of every product we use, whether it is beneficial for our health or it will harm our body. So please take care of your health because if you are healthy you can perform all your tasks effectively and you will enjoy life.

As mentioned above that it is used to cure stomach disease, but it can cause stomach cancer also. Like if we use a medicine to cure any of the diseases after sometimes it is stopped by the doctor or the dose is changed. But if we use that medicine for a long time it makes the way for another disease to appear.

Likewise, if we will use green tea for a long time to cure stomach disease, it will start burning your stomach after sometimes. And if the stomach is disturbed the affected person is unable to enjoy the movements of life. He will unable to enjoy the tasty foods.

The caffeine is present in every kind of tea. Extra use of caffeine cause sickness, dullness, nervousness, and anxiety as well. Some people can’t afford to consume a small amount of caffeine. They experience these all symptoms with a little amount they consume. Caffeine overload may also cause Insomnia, upset stomach, and restlessness.

Next disease which occurs because of it is anemia and deficiency of Iron. If we consume an Iron rich food and then drink green tea, it will lose the ability of inflammatory action in the body. Green tea contains tannins which block the absorption of iron from Iron-rich foods and food supplements as well.

Again because of caffeine, green tea may cause a headache. A headache may also be caused because of Iron deficiency. And these both things happen because of excess intake of green tea.

Taking green tea too late in a day may stimulate the nervous system and can interfere with once sleep. Pregnant ladies should reduce the intake of green tea. Because it passes through breast milk and can cause insomnia in the nursing infant.

Irregular heartbeat is also an abnormal condition which is caused because of caffeine. In this situation, the person feels that his heart is pounding in his chest.
Consuming excess amount of green tea can also cause oxidative stress. Intake of excess caffeine also causes nausea and vomiting.

Diarrhea may also be caused because of excess intake of caffeine. This may be cured by reducing consumption or by stop consuming without having some meal. Or intake of green tea after the full meal can also reduce its negative effects.

Green tea is an acidic drink which may cause heartburn. This situation can be worse for the person who is already suffering from heart disease. This is caused because of green tea which comes in forfeited bottles. Acidic materials are used for its preservation. This acidic preservation may cause acidity in the stomach. And if one prefers green tea capsules should be careful. Because capsules mostly cause heartburn.

Tinnitus is a situation in which one feels ringing in his ears. This happens because of excess intake of caffeine. And green tea contains caffeine may lead to this situation.
Caffeine in green tea may increase bleeding. So you must stay away of green tea if you have the bleeding disorder. Mixing caffeine with aspirin prevents from blood clotting. And if one consumes both at once it will cause bleeding.

Green tea consumption may lead to a high blood pressure. One thing is confirming that it is not the safest way to regulate the levels of blood.Green tea contains a huge amount of polyphenols. Consumption of excess of polyphenols leads to the worst situation of liver disease.

Other than internal diseases some people also have skin allergies because of consumption of green tea. An individual who consumes green tea can experience the tingling sensation on the face, lips, tongue, or in the throat as well.Very polyphenols lead to kidney issues. And green tea contains it which may be the cause of kidney damage problem.


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