8 Essential Documents You Have To Keep in Your Safe


It is necessary to keep documents safe n secure to prove your identity in different fields, wherever it is needed. But there are certain documents that you need to keep in your safe.

Securing your document is very necessary to avoid any misuse of your identity or identity based services. Color Photocopies of several documents are equally valid and can be used, thus it’s good to keep originals in your safe and carry photocopies along with you.

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The 8 important and essential documents that you must keep in your safe are below.

1. Birth and Academic Certificates

Always keep your and your family’s original birth and academic certificates in safe. Whenever there will be the need of these documents for any reference or for proof of identity, make copies of these documents and use appropriately.

Use your original documents appropriately whenever it is needed and keep in your safe again after use of that document.

However, for job interviews you may need to carry your original academics certificates for verification, but once the interview is done keep these documents again in your safe . In most of the cases officials ask you for the photocopies of your academic documents, thus keeping them in your safe is a good option.


2. Marriage and Divorce Papers

The original marriage and divorce papers must be kept in your safe. Any legal document that is related to you and your marital status, for example: mutual agreement papers, child support agreement papers, must be kept in your safe also.

You may need these papers in future for some claims and reference. Also keep the photocopies of these documents for any minor uses.


3. Social Security Cards

You must keep your social security cards in your safe. Say no to carry these cards in your wallet,it is the one of the most common way to have it and your identity, stolen.Thus it is advised to not to carry your social cards with you, and keep them in your safe to avoid any misuse.


4. Citizenship card

It is not mandatory to carry your citizenship card always with you, however you can carry a copy of your citizen card with you. Always keep citizenship card in your safe to avoid any kind of misuse. You will need to show your original citizenship card while dealing with any level of government services and facilities.


5.Immigration Certificates

You must carry original immigration certificate along with you while traveling. Keep a colored copy of your immigration certificate in you safe.

In case, if you lose your original immigration Certificate, a copy of it will help you to get the new document. Carry your immigration certificate carefully.


6. Ownership Documents

Your ownership documents are very important documents as these documents are subjected to the things, device or property that you owns. These documents are very sensitive as well as very private type of documents which you need to show to officials while claiming your properties.

Keep the original documents related to your ownership always in your safe. Also get some copies of these documents for uses where original document is not need.


7. Car documents

Keep your original vehicle documents in your safe and cray color photocopies. It is important to keep your vehicle registration document and cards safe. Because if you lose any of the docs the it will take some time to get the new document from officials during which you may face some problems. Also you will need to provide your copies of documents to officials for verification process.

Getting new document is a quite lengthy process thus it will consume your valuable time, therefore you must keep your vehicle documents in order to avoid these cases and situations.


8. Your Passwords

Always remember your passwords in your brain and keep your password related document and cards in your safe. Its is important to keep your passwords in your safe to avoid the stealing of your password.

Also, in case if you forgot your password you can check the password related documents from your safe for passwords.

It is necessary to understand that what kind of original documents should you carry and what should be kept in your safe. Above listed all documents must be kept in your safe to secure them and to avoid any kind of misuse.


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